When Hope Avenges Mistrust

By: Miguel Lovera

Ever since I read the masterpiece by Jan Ziegler “La Suisse Lave Plus Blanc” (“Swiss Whitewash”) in the early ‘90’s, I started to suspect that there was more than banking in that country. Besides the friendly and compassionate Swiss people, there are world-class corporations of that origin that adhere to the same exploitative philosophy than the banks that Ziegler so genially described in his books.

Recently, last April 24 and 25, I was invited to give a talk on my views about the “agribusiness” model at the University of Basel, on a seminar co-organized with Multi Watch, a coalition of NGO’s and other civil society organizations such as the federation of trade unions of the country. It was clear that many more people in Switzerland understood what Ziegler described in his book and the mistrust towards the companies based there is very deep. Continue reading